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Magnificent Haven- Wedding Suite

Thousand Oaks 800 square foot Wedding Suite is our Magnificent Haven. The sacred space is tastefully decorated with stunning furniture. Two rigors stations for hair and makeup, makes it the perfect place to get ready for your special day, our natural light provides a picture-perfect backdrop to countless photoshoots: a full bathroom equipped with a shower, and a back patio. A place where you get to relax before walking down the aisle. The wedding suite is also equipped with hi-speed Wi-Fi, a TV, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a coffee maker for your enjoyment. 

Bride with her bridesmaid and tribe
Bride putting her shoes on
Bride in the Bridal Suite with family
Father and Daughter First Look
Bride in Bridal Suite
Bride getting ready
Wedding Dress in Bridal Suite
Couple in Wedding Suite
Bride getting ready
Groom getting ready
Mother of the Bride
Bride getting ready
Beautiful Bride on couch
Make Up Artist preparing Bride
Wedding Suite Thousand Oaks
Brides mom and grandma
Father and Daughter moment
Wedding Dress
Groom getting ready
Bridal Party, Brides Friends
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